Letter to Editor: Double standard

To the Editor:

President Trump states he is all about border security and that the country is in the grip of a drug crisis. Yet he shuts down a part of the government that is charged with carrying out those functions such as Department of Homeland and specifically the U.S. Coast Guard! He is ordering those brave young men and women, already underpaid in comparison with civilians in other agencies with similar tasks, to risk their lives to save lives and protect our country and not be paid for their efforts.

There are parts of the government that are not absolutely essential to the welfare and security of this nation that can be shut down, but the Coast Guard is not one of them! Also, what is being accomplished by the shutdown in the first place? It is time for members of Congress to carry out their function; that is to act as a check and balance to the executive branch.

If members of Congress will not do their job, then they, too, should not be paid! The Coast Guard will do its duty whether they are paid or not, though I don’t know how they are going to obtain fuel. Now, will the government do its duty?

It is also time for Congress to put a check on the President’s shameless, all-too-frequent “vacations” to Mar-a-Lago and New Jersey at the expense of the taxpayers at some $3 million a trip! That money would go a long way toward a monthly Coast Guard payroll!

W.F. Nettell

U.S. Coast Guard (retired)


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