Letter to Editor: Dangerous interactions

To the Editor:

The suggested plan to allow “e-bikes” on the carriage paths in Acadia National Park will add another difficult element to an already dangerous mix.

We have many capable, experienced and careful bike riders. Add to those riders the many people who are obviously setting out on a bike or the first time in years. Of course we add children, who are understandably erratic, along with walkers who have rights on the carriage paths, although many are inattentive to the bikes approaching from behind.

Now add to that mix e-bike riders who include people who are otherwise incapable of riding a bicycle or are unwilling to exert themselves the way that all of those cyclists and hikers are doing, and you have an increasingly dangerous situation.

I have seen many very nearly disastrous interactions among the groups that already enjoy the carriage roads. A large, controversial, added element could destroy the experience of those who exert themselves to enjoy the beauty and quiet of Acadia Park.

I hope Superintendent Kevin Schneider will apply his independence, knowing that he will have considerable support here on the island.

Kenneth Brookes

Southwest Harbor

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