Letter to Editor: Bowden is spot on

To the Editor:

A comment on the “Viewpoint” column by Hugh Bowden in the Dec. 12 Islander. I am a registered Republican, from a family raised by grassroots Republicans in McKinley (Bass Harbor). I’ve been a registered Republican about 60 years.

I think your media should consider a reprint of Mr. Bowden’s column again prior to the election. It is hard for many, including myself to understand or accept the total reverse of ethics, standards, constant blatant lying to the nation and actually reverse culture totally different from what we were raised with.

Most all of our homes have a copy of the Holy Bible. As Americans, for our mortal lives and those of our “futures” we need to insure that we understand the U.S. Constitution, and have a copy in our homes, also. Its importance is far more important than many of “We the people” realize.

David E. Reed

Mayport, Fla.

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