Letter to Editor: Better angels

To the Editor:

What is it loose on the land that allows a member of the legal profession to charge toward the podium while a public official is speaking? What is in the air that a citizen can scream obscenities at a panel member who holds a different view?

I am saddened and discouraged by behavior we witnessed last week at the Jesup Library.

This, in a public forum that was designed to give an opportunity for voters to learn about the content and rationale for two upcoming warrant articles on the ballot at Bar Harbor’s town meeting. This, in a program devoted to civil discourse. This, when there were clearly stated and posted ground-rules for the session, one of which was “Disagree, if you do, respectfully.”

Given the current political climate, I know bullying and disrespect seem the norm. I urge that we all look to our better angels for guidance as we work to reclaim civility in the public space.

Ron Beard

Bar Harbor

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