Letter to Editor: At stake in vaccine vote

To the Editor:

Next March offers the opportunity to vote on the proposed People’s Veto of the recently-passed law mandating CDC-recommended vaccinations for all children. In thinking about how you might vote on that, consider the following documentable (i.e., not “misinformation”) facts.

One size fits all: Vaccines are now mandatory for all Maine kids (except home-schoolers), regardless of differences in health status, body mass or genetic makeup. This is true of no other pharmaceutical product.

Criminality: Over the past several decades, the four major vaccine manufacturers have paid out billions in criminal and civil sanctions for injuring and killing hundreds of thousands of people with unsafe drugs, lying to regulators about dangers known to them and falsifying test data. Yet somehow we are expected to believe that in the single case of vaccines, their claims of “safety and effectiveness” are credible.

No accountability: Federal law gives these same vaccine manufacturers complete immunity from lawsuits for vaccine injury and death, and thus little incentive for improvements in safety or effectiveness. Vaccine victims must instead sue the federal government in a special process that has so far paid out over $4 billion to people injured or killed by vaccines, despite rejecting 2/3 of the claims.

Secrecy: That same process also does not allow for the legal “discovery” that in non-vaccine drug cases has exposed the manufacturers’ criminal lying and fraud, about which we would otherwise have known nothing.

Safety: Not a single vaccine in the CDC schedule has been tested for safety in the fashion required for all other drugs, the double blind, randomized, years-long trial with an inert placebo. Safety trials are short-term, and have used non-inert “placebos,” either earlier (equally-untested) versions of the vaccine, or vaccine components known to be problematic. This is a process guaranteed to hide significant adverse effects.

The schedule: Whether the CDC vaccine schedule as a whole is safe has never been tested, as noted by the Institute of Medicine (now the National Academy of Medicine).

Effect on health: The CDC has a database of millions of complete health records that could show the relative long-term health outcomes of fully-, partially-, or non-vaccinated individuals. But the CDC has firmly refused to do such an analysis or grant access to data for researchers who want to do it. Yet 54 percent of kids now have chronic diseases, up from 12 percent a few decades ago.

Bodily autonomy: Control over what is put into your body would seem to be one of the most fundamental personal rights. Consent (fully informed) is part of any other medical procedure. Should we be allowing the State in this case to deny education to any child/parent (or, in the future, state services for any adult) who refuses to consent?

This is what’s at stake next March.

Dick Atlee

Southwest Harbor

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