Letter to Editor: Above and beyond

To the Editor:

I had the misfortune to suffer an auto breakdown last Tuesday on Eagle Lake Road.

“Thank goodness for cell phones,” I thought as I confidently pulled my cell phone out of my pocket!

I should have known better as I wasn’t lucky enough to have broken down in one of the three or four spots in Bar Harbor where I actually get a cell signal.

Happily, I was close enough to Acadia National Park Headquarters on McFarland Hill to limp into their parking lot. Having made my way into the administration office, I asked a park employee if I might use the phone for an emergency call and he immediately escorted me into a room with a phone and got me an outside line.

Long story short, I couldn’t remember the phone number of my mechanic so a phone book was quickly provided. Now in need of a tow truck, I needed the number of a tow company that was too new to be listed in an older phone book, and another park employee took me into her office and looked it up on the internet.

All told the folks at the park headquarters went way beyond the call of duty! A credit to the Park Service and more than deserving of a heartfelt thanks from me!

Winston Shaw


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