Letter to Editor: A stalwart supporter

To the Editor:

Lee passed away recently and left behind an important legacy for Camp Beech Cliff and our community.

When I arrived fourteen years ago, Lee Patterson was a central figure at the Camp. As the Camp was re-established in the mid-1990’s, he was a founding member who served as co-chair of the board with Tony McKim in 2000-2001 and remained as an active member for over 12 years.

As his health started to fail, he was appointed an Honorary Board Member and was publicly honored at our Summer Soiree in 2005 amongst many who support the camp.

He had made a career running his own camp and teaching and brought that wealth of knowledge and experience to Camp Beech Cliff. He pushed for the Camp’s accreditation, came to all the volunteer work days, and taught sessions at our nature program. He gave as much as he could for as long as he could.

For all of us that knew Lee at Camp, he was a steadfast believer in the life-changing experience that camps can provide for children and we are forever grateful for his contributions.

Debra Deal

Camp Beech Cliff


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