Letter to Editor: A great ride

To the Editor:

Bicycling Magazine calls the Cadillac Challenge Century Bicycle Ride the best bicycle ride in Maine. The route is also a great fall car ride.

The foliage was very good Sunday for the 28th annual Cadillac Challenge Century bicycle. The ride included 132 registered riders on Sunday, October 6, and there were at least a few others who came after the 8 a.m., 40 degree start. The temperatures got up to the high 50s with sun until early afternoon when the skies started to cloud up, and the southwest wind picked up as well.

That southwest wind made the climb up Cadillac Mountain a real “Challenge,” especially after a long day in the saddle. However, everyone had a great time and finished the ride unharmed. There were a few mechanical issues and a few riders took shortcuts on the 68 and 100 mile routes, but it’s all good. The Cadillac Challenge is a fun ride, not a race.

With generous donations of food from Hannaford, and homemade goodies, cash and checks from our riders, we were able to pay all our expenses and make donations to all the organizations that allowed us to use their equipment and/or facilities.

Those include the MDI High School, MDI High School Eco Club, MDI YMCA, YWCA MDI, Tremont Community Center, MDI Rotary on behalf of members who volunteered and the Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Police Associations.

Also, thanks to Acadia National Park for issuing us a Special Use Permit for the continuing Cadillac Challenge, and all the dedicated volunteers that made the ride a success. The 29th Cadillac Challenge is will be held on Oct. 2, 2020 and we are already planning to make next year’s ride even better.

Dean Read

Bar Harbor

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