Letter to Editor: A frugal politician

I would like to introduce you to Nicole Grohoski, Democratic candidate for the Ellsworth and Trenton state representative seat. She is an Ellsworth native, attended school with my daughters, and has been a family friend ever since. With the Ellsworth school system as a strong educational base, she has always challenged herself academically, pursuing difficult coursework first in high school and then at Middlebury College, where she graduated with honors.

Nicole has long exemplified “sound mind, sound body.” I have been impressed with her professional accomplishments in the field of cartography and her pursuit of adventures in the outdoors all over the world. You may see Nicole Grohoski out hiking, paddling, skiing, ice-fishing, or deer-hunting throughout Maine.

Always prudent with her money, she leads a simple lifestyle: preserving vegetables, renting a room to offset her mortgage, biking around town. In the age of wasteful government spending, I believe Nicole will be a “frugal politician” and careful with our money in Augusta. I certainly admire her decision to be a Clean Elections candidate.

I am thrilled Nicole Grohoski is running to represent Ellsworth and Trenton, and I hope she has your support too! I know I am voting for someone I trust, someone who has my best interests at heart.

Mary Doherty


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