Letter to Editor: Hearing on noise

To the Editor:

Noise will be the topic of discussion on Nov. 6 at 6 p.m. when the Town of Mount Desert Planning Board resumes its review and consideration of the application submitted by Harold MacQuinn, Inc and Freshwater Stone & Brickwork, Inc. to quarry Lot 075 on Tax Map 007 (off Crane Road) in Hall Quarry.

All residents of the Town of Mount Desert, along with island neighbors, who care about the impact of noise generated by an active quarry operation on health, recreation and general quality of life are encouraged to attend and voice their concerns.

This meeting is a continuation of the Aug. 29 meeting of the Planning Board and will review Section 6.2 J — Noise in the Licensing Quarry Ordinance.

It is really important that those individuals attending the Aug. 29 meeting return to address questions resulting from the applicant’s presentation.

A robust representation of citizens voicing their concerns and helping to safeguard the quality of life for the residents of Hall Quarry, surrounding neighbors on the shores of Somes Sound and hikers who enjoy the quiet and natural sounds of Acadia Mountain can make a difference.

I hope you will join us.

Jan Coates

Mount Desert

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