Letter from the editor

For the past 16 years, the dedicated staff of the Mount Desert Islander, along with the entire team of folks behind the scenes at our sister paper, The Ellsworth American, has labored long and hard to prepare, present and circulate a weekly synopsis of the incredible energy and vitality of the wider Mount Desert Island community. It has been my honor to be the editor during that time, helping guide our continuing conversations, spotlighting the good and the bad in our midst and hopefully providing some clarity in a world where so much time and energy seems focused on rumors, deliberate obfuscation and the shameless distribution of opinion as fact.

In the 16 years that the Islander has been privileged to cover MDI, its readership has grown fivefold. The paper’s success, of course, would not be possible without the bedrock support of the paper’s loyal readers and advertisers. For all your contributions, all your encouragement and all your constructive criticism, I thank you. To have spent more than 35 years as a journalist telling the stories of this amazing community is an incredible honor and privilege that I will never forget.

Beginning with the next issue, which is already in the process of being produced, Reporter Liz Graves of Bar Harbor will step into the post as the paper’s second editor. Liz has both a deep passion for the people of the island communities and an abiding respect for the traditional processes and values under which they thrive; there is no one better suited to take the helm. I trust, and in fact I know, that you will extend to her the same courtesy, respect and patience that I have counted on and enjoyed.

Fortunately, the Islander serves an audience that truly appreciates the crucial role a small newspaper can play in the health and vitality of the community. It has been a tremendous honor serve as editor and to be a part of this great institution. — Earl Brechlin



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