Let history be the judge

To the Editor:

Once again, Paul Reynolds has used his “Outdooors in Maine” column in the Islander Extra section as a bully pulpit.

Instead of writing about the Maine outdoors, and there is plenty there to write about, Reynolds has used his column to take a shot at President Obama.

I would like to offer a more balanced revision of his editorial with a few altered excerpts that make his column more accurate: With 10 months left in his presidency, Barack Obama will now attempt to replace the conservative Scalia with a new justice whose views are more in step with a solid majority of American voters.

The big question is, “Will Obama be allowed, in the final year of his presidency, to fulfill the obligations of his office despite a decidedly obstructionist Congress?”

Reynolds wrings his hands over gun legislation “modeled after the Australian approach.” The Australians banned assault rifles more than 20 years ago and have enjoyed a dramatic (or was it total?) drop in mass murders committed by such weapons. If Reynolds thinks you need assault weapons to hunt or defend yourself, he lives in a different world from the rest of us.

Our founding fathers clearly stated in the Second Amendment that gun ownership was to be permitted in the context of a “well-regulated militia.” When do we start regulating to prevent more loss of innocent lives?

Conservatives have a lot to be upset about, but the rifts within their party cannot be blamed on the current administration or repaired with poorly aimed potshots at our Nobel laureate president.

I wish Reynolds would put on his boots, go back outdoors and let history judge Obama.

Bowen Swersey

Southwest Harbor

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