LePage ouster

To the Editor:

On Sept. 3, I emailed a slightly edited version of the letter below about Gov. Paul LePage to Sen. Brian Langley (R) with copies to LePage (R); Sens. Mike Thibodeau (R), Roger Katz (R) and Justin Alfond (D); Reps. Kenneth Fredette (R), Walter Kumiega (D), Brian Hubbell (D), Louis Luchini (D) and Mark Eves (D); and Maine Republican Chairman Rick Bennett.

I urge others to express their wishes to officials.

Langley, I want to thank you for your sensible letter in the Sept. 1 Mount Desert Islander expressing dismay at LePage’s behavior.

I think the Maine majority wants LePage out and sees the Republican leadership as refusing to deal squarely with the issues, a form of political cowardice.

Maine’s well-being should come first, no matter the party in power. Katz especially has a good understanding of this and many other important matters, has an even hand, is thoughtful and could lead Republicans through the mess if given the chance.

On the other hand, Thibodeau and Fredette in particular diminish daily the credibility of all Republicans by their obdurate unwillingness to take the high road and do what the taxpayers are paying them for: good, honest, wholesome, smart governance unafraid to make big decisions no matter how fraught the conditions.

Why else did they take the job?

And Bennett, too should get on the “Maine” side of this – that’s part of his responsibilities as well.

Decades ago, top Republicans gave Nixon the message that he had to go. Their actions were good for the nation, good for party integrity. You have to do the same.

I think none of you wants to be remembered by voters and historians as the Republicans who didn’t act in statewide crisis that is an unceasing national embarrassment.

Langley, I hope you will push the so-called leaders to execute their responsibilities to all of Maine, spend the $43,000-a-day for a special session and courageously deal with the problem: LePage. Then Maine can get back to some kind of normalcy.

The message to LePage is simple and sincere: Sir, you could end this debacle in an eye-blink if you had the humility to resign.

Ken Olson

Bass Harbor

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