Langley listens

To the Editor:

Maine’s elderly population will continue to face difficult challenges in the coming years, as boomers double a population already experiencing a shortage of providers, along with many other health care issues. Additionally, this national age wave capping out somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 million in the next decade and a half will present legal and fiscal challenges as government struggles to deal with a broad range of issues.

While both federal and state government may have good intentions, many laws passed have unintended consequences and as a result often do more harm than good. When introducing and passing legislation, it takes a dedicated approach to not just understanding the language presented, but the ability to see beyond the bill and the broader view. We have been fortunate here in Hancock County to have such a legislator, and he is up for reelection. I’m talking about Sen. Brian Langley.

In the past few years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Langley and observing him in action as he presented his cases to the Insurance Committee and later witnessed his intense intellect as he attended the workshop of such bills. In fact, today the work that Langley did is now a model that other states are adopting to protect their elderly from such claim abuse. This is just one example of how Langley leads our great state.

More recently, he introduced a bill that would cap long-term care insurance premiums and if reelected will continue to move this bill forward so that Maine’s elderly will have some level of confidence in paying premiums for years to come and not be forced out of their coverage due to alarming premium rate increases in their later years.

Langley’s intellectual skills have propelled him to greater heights, having garnered such character traits from years of teaching, cooking and making laws that make Maine a better place.

Langley doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk!

Now, more than ever, we need to send Langley back to Augusta to continue his great work on behalf of Maine’s elderly.

Please join me and vote for Brian Langley, who has a proven record of listening, learning and leading our great state.

Carroll E. Harper

Southwest Harbor

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