Lack of vision

To the Editor:

I raised my family in Bar Harbor. I love this island.

Cruise ships are devaluing our island. Thanks to the conservation efforts of George B. Dorr, David Rockefeller and many more, Acadia National Park is a jewel.

Cruise Lines International Association did an economic study for the town. It is similar to the ones they produce around the world. The newspaper headline screams $20.2 million in benefits. But on careful analysis, only $420,000 stays in Bar Harbor.

Then you need to factor in visual blight, pollution and bad Trip Advisor comments, and we are quickly in negative numbers.

Do we want Poseidon to thrust his trident into the side of MDI and create a tidal wave of economic disparity that will turn away our most valuable tourists that stay overnight. The state of Maine stands to lose sales tax revenue in the end.

Please do not even consider making possible the destruction of the vision of the greatest philanthropists of our time

We do not require a Port Authority.

Jim O’Connell

Bar Harbor

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