Kudos to Langley

To the Editor:

Providing increased access to educational opportunities beyond the walls of high school is extremely important to me and my family. As a parent, I am worried about the cost of college as my daughter finishes up her senior year in high school. Fortunately for our family, our daughter is enrolled in the Bridge Year Program at Ellsworth High School. She will graduate high school having learned great skills at the Hancock County Technical Center and having completed her freshman year of college at a cost we can afford.

Sen. Brian Langley understands the barriers that are in the way for students that may prevent them from getting a degree. Langley has led the charge in tearing these obstacles down. He sponsored the legislation that started the Bridge Year Program.

Last year, Langley sponsored legislation that broadened how the Competitive Skills Scholarship Program can be used. Instead of just allowing displaced workers to learn a new skill for high-wage jobs in demand, full-time high school/CTE students participating in the Bridge Year Program now can apply for funding to help pay for credit hours.

The change made to this program, with Langley’s help, has made a huge difference for some students in being able to enter the workforce at a much earlier age with very little if any, debt. Kudos, Sen. Langley!

Jody Tripp-Colson


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