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To the Editor:

Out of curiosity, I recently Googled “cruise ship ports” in the Aegean and the Adriatic, with an eye toward discerning exactly what these picturesque ports offered by way of docking facilities.

I didn’t click on every single port, but I looked at enough of them to determine that most, if not all, offered dockside moorage for cruise ships. I cannot assert anything about these ports and their docking facilities beyond what the pictures portray, but that is just the point; to my eye, the actual piers and the moored cruise ships do not detract in any way from the obvious natural and cultural beauty these ports possess.

Mostly, they seemed to me to enhance these characteristics and provide a modern relevance to the long maritime history each of them so obviously displayed.

While I do not know many of the backers of the citizen petition leading to Article 13 of this year’s ballot and have great respect for those that I do know, I find myself in disagreement with their cause on several counts, not the least of which is the way that its passage would so completely undo the many years of work in which so many of our fellow citizens have volunteered their time and effort.

Even though brought to this decision time primarily through the leadership of the Cruise Ship Committee, the Town Council and the Planning Board, I very much doubt that there is any board or committee or task force (and there are a lot of them, each composed of our fellow townsfolk) which has not contributed in some way to getting us to the place where we, as a town, can now vote to take decisive action with regard to the ferry terminal property and our future.

I honestly believe that I am not overstating it when I allege that one’s “yes” vote in support of Article 12, and “no” vote on Article 13 might well result in one of the most foresighted things the town has ever done.

Voting thusly for Article 12 only commits the town to keeping an open mind, nothing more.Voting to support Article 13 almost surely closes the door forever on the town’s aspirations with/for the ferry terminal property. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Robert Garland

Bar Harbor

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