It’s class warfare

To the Editor:

Trump’s budget proposal is a declaration of war on us. It’s class warfare.

Trump wants to gut nonmilitary programs designed to provide dignity to people down on their luck. And he seems to have the full support of the wealthy. How many of them say they don’t want or need these tax breaks?

It’s time to tax the super-rich again. Increase the inheritance tax. Bring back the progressive tax rates of the post WWII era. Regulate CEO pay on companies that have government contracts. These policies will help repair our society by sharing the wealth more equitably.

Don’t believe the capitalists. Trickle-down economics never worked and never will. Corporations should pay a living wage to their workers before they distribute dividends to shareholders. That’s just the cost of doing good business.

It’s time to fight back. Don’t spend your money at the big-box stores. Transfer your money from the big Wall Street banks into local credit unions. Divest your stocks from big oil. Buy generic brand drugs. Vote politicians who refuse to listen to you out of office. Peace.

Tom Walker

Mount Desert

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