Insincere moderation

To the Editor:

What does it mean to be a moderate?

Sen. Susan Collins has long worn that label, as pridefully as is allowable for a Mainer. Right, now she is in full moderate mode, calling for the “existing rules, practice and traditions” of the Senate to remain in place when considering judicial nominees.

This is her unity cry, after voting to allow fewer than 60 senators to confirm a nominee to the Supreme Court.

Collins could have cemented her place in history as a moderate by voting “no” on the question to end debate on Neil Gorsuch’s nomination. The final outcome would have been the same, as there were already enough Republican senators willing to “go nuclear.”

Instead, she showed her true colors. She put her allegiance to Sen. Mitch McConnell and his continued efforts to turn every aspect of our governance into a partisan battle, over the long-term good of the legislative process.

Collins voted to overturn 200 years of senate tradition, and she did so of her own free will. She called it “a sad day,” and indeed it was.

That’s like saying it is kind of like a sad day when your friends decide to rob a bank and you agree to drive the get-away car.

Nothing very moderate about that.

Gail Leiser

Bar Harbor

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