Independent judgment

To the Editor:

The reactions of Maine’s two senators to President Donald Trump blocking America’s participation to the Paris global warming accord stand in sharp contrast. While Sen. Angus King characterized the president’s action as “irresponsible,” Sen. Susan Collins merely found it “disappointing.”

King expressed proper concern for the disastrous course Trump is determined to follow. Collins appeared to voice only mild disapproval. Instead of vigorously denouncing the perilous direction in which he is leading the Republican Party, she seemed to accept it with reluctant acquiescence.

In view of the ominous direction in which Trump is steering the Republican party in such policies as health care, Medicaid, social services, foreign relations, arms control, as well as global warming, it seems to me that the right thing for Collins to do, in the interest of the people of Maine as well those of the rest of the world, is to vigorously oppose Trump’s policies and join King as an Independent.

Gene Clifford

Mount Desert

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