Inclusion important

To the Editor:

I was sickened by the comments by Jackman’s town manager, as reported over the weekend by many news outlets, and decided to contact my own Bar Harbor town manager, Cornell Knight.

“Cornell,” I wrote, “I had planned to contact you today to ask that the Maine Town and City Managers Association issue a condemnation of Jackman town manager Tom Kawczynski, and the values he espouses.

“The MCTMA has already made a statement with that message, so I am writing a note of appreciation to you to share with your organization. I stand with the people of Jackman, who, as a whole, I’m sure are horrified by his remarks and who share the values of inclusion that I hope our own town policies reflect.

“Both Jackman and Bar Harbor benefit significantly from tourism, and being welcoming and inclusive is profitable. I understand that, but, for me, the issue is one of right and wrong, and I want Bar Harbor to always be on the side of the former.”

Let’s be the best citizens we can be.

Jill Weber

Bar Harbor

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