In the dark

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Dick Atlee for his philanthropic, surely time-consuming and wise diligence on behalf of us all in working to offer the screening of the controversial, but not anti-vaccination film “Vaxxed” via the Southwest Harbor Public Library.

As a grandmother to six young children, I look forward to attending.

Whenever something is labeled conspiracy theory, I think we should have our antennae up. That seems to be the all too prevalent, immature, name-calling method by which the “powers that shouldn’t be” seek to keep us in the dark regarding facts that ought to be in the public domain.

The Center for Disease Control’s record of fraudulently covered-up vaccine research surely demands public scrutiny.

The library deserves our thanks for its open-minded, courageous part in hosting this event, as does the Mount Desert Islander for its recent op-ed page exchange on this important topic. Both entities are helping to ensure a most crucial aspect in a democracy, that of keeping the public honestly informed.

Lynn Bradbury


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