In support of Sweet

To the Editor:

I’m 29 years old, a stand-up comedian from South Portland, former Bar Harbor resident and a volunteer on Betsy Sweet’s campaign for governor. Sweet has many amazing achievements, including raising three daughters as a single parent. I was raised by a single mother and know the challenges it brings.

Sweet advocates for hardworking parents by pushing for good paying jobs, affordable child care and improving our school system. Maine had the first Family Medical Leave bill in the country, and Sweet wrote that bill.

I was lucky because I got a good education and opportunities, and I want all parents to be able to do that for their children. I’m voting for Sweet because we’ve spent almost eight years listening to an angry governor. Now it’s about time we have a governor who can make the residents of this beautiful state smile about the future of Maine.

Please vote for Betsy Sweet.

Brendan K. Williams

South Portland

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