In support of Schwartz

To the Editor:

I’m writing to urge Democrats in Maine Senate District 7 to vote for Ian Schwartz in the Democratic primary on June 12. Schwartz is running for the senate seat being vacated by Republican Brian Langley.

Schwartz grew up on Mount Desert Island and attended school here. After living for eight years in South Korea, he’s come back to raise his two young sons with his wife, who is a registered nurse. He works as a writer and teacher, owns a small business and is an amateur runner and guitar player. His father, Frank Schwartz, is the guitar player in The Crown Vics and a chef at The Jackson Lab. His mother, Annie Schwartz, is the development associate at YWCA Mount Desert Island.

I’ve heard Ian Schwartz talk about how, while living in South Korea, he discovered a country with high-quality health care and low costs, where everyone can see a doctor without going bankrupt, no matter how serious their illness. All families can send their kids to full-time public day care for free, and mothers and fathers can take paid time off when they have kids. It’s a refrain in his stump speech: if they can do it there, we can do it here.

Ian Schwartz also believes in fighting for petitions, not watering them down or throwing wrenches in the signature-gathering process, as has become too popular in the state legislature and at the Blaine House. Petitions are vital to the Democratic process and are protected by the Constitution of the United States. The Homecare Referendum, for instance, would guarantee seniors the right to age at home if they so choose.

If legislators are tired of the hardworking people of Maine breathing down their necks, perhaps they should listen more carefully to their constituents.

As state senator for District 7 (which is mostly Hancock County), Ian Schwartz will fight to create good jobs and restore the value of work by working to raise the minimum wage. He will help draw business to Maine by fighting for net neutrality, for making the internet a public utility and for powering the state entirely with green energy. He will challenge Mainers to achieve success by working to provide free, in-state college education to all Maine’s students who have a B-average or higher in high school. He will honor the Second Amendment and protect students by fighting to ban the AR-15 and by raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21.

Finally, Ian Schwartz is a Clean Elections Candidate and he needs your help. If you’re tired of Maine legislators plugging their ears while trying to muffle our voices, please Google “Maine Clean Elections” and donate $5 to his campaign.

I hope you’ll join me in sending Ian Schwartz to the state Senate. Thank you.

Barbara Baron-Gifford

Bar Harbor


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