In support of Fulford

To the Editor:

It’s refreshing to meet Jonathan Fulford. He genuinely shares my values and my small business common sense, and I believe that he is the best candidate for our 2nd District congressional seat.

A farmer and a builder for several decades, Fulford knows how to deal with horse manure. Fulford is the only congressional candidate that has signed the Pine Tree Pledge, refusing to take corporate PAC money and lobbyist contributions. (The NRA spent over $200,000 on Bruce Poliquin’s last campaign.)

Fulford wants to hear what you have to say. He’s the only congressional candidate to earn the endorsement of the “Berniecrats” of Maine. He is on fire to make real change benefiting regular people.

I’m more than tired of pretend compassion followed by rank betrayal. If creating jobs that pay a living wage here in Maine isn’t just rhetoric to you, Fulford’s your man.

The system is rigged against us. It encourages us to believe that it has our best interests at heart. It supports our overworking to make ends meet. It steals from us and encourages us to blame each other for our losses. It wants us to believe that we are powerless. We need real, not easy, change.

If sensible banking regulations seem long overdue, if tooling-up for solar and wind energy and growing our forest-based energy and building materials industries is good news to you, work to elect Fulford. If equitable taxation, lower property taxes, debt-free higher education and quality affordable health care for everyone seem obvious to you, Fulford’s your man.

If you think everything’s OK as is — that we’re on the right track — then disregard these words and re-elect Poliquin. If you buy the idea that the way to grow our economy is to give even more to the one-tenth of 1 percent of us who control more resources than 60 percent of us combined, vote for Poliquin. If you don’t want to rock the boat, vote for someone other than Fulford.

Fulford believes the best way to grow our economy is for regular people to earn a fair wage. What do we do with it? We spend it — so it’s also the best way to increase jobs.

I’m not fond of politics. It has come to reflect our worst. It is no “light on a hill.” One can’t say much of anything that sounds genuine these days. My bias is to state what I’m for rather than to whip up anger against. Nonetheless, these times require us to call it like we see it as best we can.

If you want someone in Washington to represent you and the interests of your community, talk to your friends about getting to know Jonathan Fulford.

David White

Bar Harbor

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