Implicit attacks

To the Editor:

Thank you for the Islander’s editorial of July 14, praising the spirit of volunteers working to better our town, who are sometimes subject to “venomous attacks” for their efforts.

No better praise could be offered for two members of the Warrant Committee, Jake Jagel and Michael Good. They went beyond their Warrant Committee service and worked closely with a responsible corporation, Emera Maine, for countless hours to find both a better route for a transmission line and a better location and design for an electrical substation to serve Bar Harbor’s busy downtown.

They then helped convince the Warrant Committee to support two citizen initiatives which were designed to assure that no residential neighborhood in Bar Harbor would ever be blighted with a huge open air substation.

Through the volunteer efforts of Arthur Greif, my husband, a court order was obtained both to place these initiatives on the June 2015 town meeting warrant and to require the town government to recognize that both the town charter and the land use ordinance required adoption of these initiatives once a majority of citizens had voted for them.

These volunteer efforts were met with an attack at the June 2015 town meeting when Michael Good, Jake Jagel and I were falsely accused of having sued the town. In a procedure nowhere recognized by the town charter, an ultimately unsuccessful effort was launched to vote the three of us off the Warrant Committee.

The good citizens of Bar Harbor saw through this attack and voted to keep each of us on the committee.

Thank you for recognizing these volunteers and implicitly condemning those who have attacked them.


Donna Karlson

Bar Harbor

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