Ignoring procedure

To the Editor:

I wrote to Sen. Collins following her vote on the tax bill.

While she has always presented herself as a moderate, she has now cast two votes that prove her to be not just a Republican but one of “those Republicans,” the ones who want to destroy our government.

I gave Collins the benefit of doubt when she cast her vote to blow up Senate rules in order to seat Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. I hoped that the vote was a lapse in judgment, but one that ultimately helped her to recognize the dangerous path her party was taking and would make her more aware of inappropriate process changes in the future. But obviously no lessons were learned.

Even in the unlikely event that this bill does magically cause all the hoped-for growth its proponents are counting on, by participating in the travesty that this bill writing process was, Collins has thrown her lot in with those who want to destroy our country through bad governance.

History will not be nice to her. And that’s a crying shame.

Gail Leiser

Bar Harbor

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