This idiocy must stop

To the Editor:

I finally figured it out!

For over a year, I have been trying to discern the real source for what is dividing and destroying our culture.

Last night, the video of Trump talking about his attitude towards women was the ultimate clue. For years, I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Howie Carr, and dutifully monitoring the great right-wing infomercial called Fox News, all in search of the root of the infection.

I am intellectually limited, so it took me extra time. But I finally realized that part of the problem, in fact nearly all of the problem, involves the always linked impetus of sex and power. Now I get it!!

House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) is right that Trump is poison. But Trump is right that Bill Clinton has been poison. And surely the predictably left-wing Bill Cosby, he’s poison too.

As for Roger Ailes, ditto, ditto, ditto. This divide in this country is about overcoming dominance and control, instincts long programmed into the animal brain, based on survival behavior that existed for three or four million years.

It’s hard to give up on that firmly entrenched patterning.

But if we wish to love and respect our wives, daughters and grand daughters, this idiocy must stop. It won’t be easy.

We need to do nothing less than overcome the sexism that is built into our DNA. But we can do it. The new brain is far larger and more powerful than our primal lizard brain.

We need truly to recognize that love trumps hatred. My love for my daughter and her daughter are a major part of what I am and what I believe in. We can use love like that to overcome the unnecessary and dangerous idiocy. If I am right, then the solution is easy. We just have to accept that males and females are inherently equal and that a great many typically “male” exigencies, like control, conflict, violence, domination, discrimination and xenophobic exclusion, are things out of our genetic past.

Joy, love and connection will reward us if we can accomplish this.

Arthur Paine


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