Honor veterans

To the Editor:

Another Veterans’ Day is soon to be upon us. What does this mean? What should it mean?

This is easily translated as our freedom comes with a price, a high price. This price is paid with the sacrifice of our veterans of both the present and past. It is paid by those who have served and continue to serve, those who have lost physically and emotionally and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice of their life.

This is not a day for politicians to rave about how they help or stores to give discounts. This is a solemn day to honor those who have and are serving this great nation. We can honor them, those they served with and gave the ultimate sacrifice of their life, just by saying “thank you for serving” and “thank you for protecting our freedom.”

Stop by your VFW or local American Legion and say thank you. Bring your children in to learn the price that is paid for our freedom so that they may learn about our nation’s history of freedom from those who protected it. Let them learn that their freedom does come at an extremely high price. Let them learn it from those who watched this ultimate sacrifice.

I can think of no better way to learn history, sacrifice and honor then from those who helped make it. I cherish my freedom and know the high price paid for it. Honor those who served every day but especially on Veterans’ Day.

In honor of my Dad, Lt. Walter Hall, MIA/ Dong Xoai, Vietnam, 1965.

Sean Hall

Bar Harbor

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