Here to serve

To the Editor:

Every single day that we come to work in Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s office, we understand that the people of Maine’s 2nd District are our customers. We work for you, and it is truly an honor.

We welcome and encourage all Mainers to express their opinions and exercise their First Amendment rights. We receive thousands of calls, emails and letters each week with constituents’ opinions that we deliver to Poliquin. And we respond to everyone.

As congressional caseworkers, we assist Maine citizens in resolving issues they have with all federal agencies. These duties ranges from making sure our veterans are getting the health care they deserve to making sure our seniors don’t go without Medicare or Social Security benefits.

We assist Maine small business owners with any IRS issue they may be having or a person needing their new or renewed passport to travel on time. We want to hear from everyone but also want everyone and groups to understand what we do for our constituents so that our time can be used most effectively to help the most number of people in Maine.

For more than two years, we have helped thousands of constituents with issues at federal agencies and the VA.

We welcome all who require our services to contact us so we can help, as we do every day. We will continue to do our work diligently and serve the people of Maine’s 2nd District.

Tim Gallant

On behalf of the district office staff of Rep. Bruce Poliquin



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