Helping hands

To the Editor:

What do you do when you are too sick to drive yourself to the emergency room?

You knock on your next-door neighbors’ door. She drives you immediately to the ER, where you spend the next five hours. Then, having driven back to work at her home office, she returns and drives you home and goes back again to pick up your prescriptions.

That is not unusual work for Doreen Willett. She also helps people every day in her work coordinating rides for seniors. Doreen is the executive director of Island Connections – Neighbors Helping Neighbors – one of Mount Desert Island’s many invaluable nonprofits.

You can be sure these public servants take their mission very seriously. So … a shout-out to Island Connections and to Doreen, who went the extra mile on her own time to help me out as a neighbor. Many, many thanks. I am grateful to be alive!

S.A. Eliot

Bar Harbor

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