Hellish anarchy

To the Editor:

We here at the Acadia Repertory Theatre were somewhat distressed by an article in the Islander earlier this summer, titled “Mount Desert crosswalks out of compliance, including ‘crosswalk to nowhere.’” The article cited a report by a Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) official, in which he characterized the crosswalk between our parking lot and the sidewalk on the west side of Route 102 that leads to the Somesville fire station as the “nowhere” one to which the headline referred.

While I have no difficulty imagining that there are people out there who would characterize our theater as a big nowhere, the fact is that hundreds of our patrons every year, including children getting unloaded from buses to attend our Children’s Theatre productions, park in the fire station lot and use the crosswalk to get to the theater.

This particular crosswalk, in point of fact, inspires one of the higher levels of compliance by motorists that I’ve observed around here. It compares favorably to the compliance level you will see at the crosswalk a bit further north in Somesville between the bank and the One-Stop, at which one often feels a bit like the character in the old video game Frogger, dodging between kamikaze drivers.

We at the Acadia Rep certainly hope that MDOT will reconsider their proposed removal of the crosswalk. Because we are not above naked emotional manipulation, we ask them to think of it as a relatively cheap way of keeping adorable Maine cherubs and sweet old ladies from getting mowed down by aggressive drivers sporting license plates from that hellish anarchy known as Massachusetts. It’s a bargain at any price, even if (as some would argue) the pedestrians really aren’t getting anywhere.

Andrew Mayer

Mount Desert


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