Hearing the voiceless

To the Editor:

I have always been concerned about the environmental impact the overabundance of cruise ships has on the harbor and on Frenchman Bay.

As a community, I feel we need to look further into the future, long after each of us has passed away, and give voice to all that share this beautiful part of the land, ocean and shores. It is doubtful that the many species of ocean birds, fish, seals, harbor porpoises, minke whales or any of the wildlife that dwell within the fragile habitat of the sea, much care about the amount of financial revenue Bar Harbor brings in every year from the welcoming of cruise ships.

I hope we remember that though we cannot hear their voices far out in the bay, they live their own sacred lives, raising young, depending on clean, undisturbed land and water.

As a community, we must not only consider the trail we create ahead, but more so, the path we leave behind for all.

Patty Kelley

Bar Harbor

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