Health care is a right

To the Editor:

The time is now for universal health care.

Everyone, old and young, sick and well, has to be included for “single-payer” to work. You can’t cherry pick your pre-existing condition. Everyone must be covered.

It’s the American attitude that is holding us back. People say, “why should I pay for your illness?” Yet, we pay homeowner’s insurance and don’t complain when our neighbor’s house burns down.

Most of the expense for our current health care goes to billing, as much as 35 percent.

Using the emergency room for routine health care is not an option. It is the most expensive care and not preventative and would bankrupt hospitals.

This may be the perfect time to push for Medicare for all, as we have hit rock bottom. The Republican’s American Health Care Act is immoral. It benefits only the rich.

People who “don’t want the government telling them what to do” must not comprehend that currently insurance companies are dictating their care. We could look at other countries who have had a version of single payer for decades, and pick what works from them.

Health care is a human right. Those who say it is a privilege are generally the privileged.

Doris Plumer, Registered Nurse

Bar Harbor

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