Grohoski cares

To the Editor:

I have served with hundreds of legislators and observed hundreds more.

From my observations it is clear to me that some serve because they want to help their constituents and their state. Some have narrower interests. Some give their time and talent and are effective. Some give less and we get less.

When I met Nicole Grohoski it was evident to me she had the qualities to be an effective legislator. She is energetic, committed, and intelligent and has a positive “can do” attitude.

She sees problems, seeks all opinions, thinks critically and arrives at practical solutions. She has the dogged determination to get things done. There is no challenge too great for her to tackle. And there is no problem too small for her to ignore. “Can’t” is not part of her vocabulary.

Nicole Grohoski genuinely cares about us. I am convinced she will serve us well.

The voters of Ellsworth and Trenton should send Nicole Grohoski to Augusta to work for us and Maine. Vote Nov. 6.

Dennis S. Damon


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