Good Samaritan

To the Editor:

It was a Christmas miracle! En route to the Bar Harbor Post Office via the Shore Path on Dec. 20, we somehow lost the Christmas card we’d intended to mail to friends in Somesville. Retracing our steps and careful searching in the wind-scoured snow proved fruitless, and I wrote our friends to apologize for losing their intended holiday greeting card … only to be informed two days later that they had indeed received it after all!

We’re so grateful to the Good Samaritan who found the card and posted it on our behalf! What a remarkably kind gesture to notice and rescue a lost card and to take it upon oneself to carry it to a mailbox, going out of one’s way to do a good deed and spread cheer.

It is yet another example of the magic of Mount Desert Island. Newly arrived on this island after so many years of dreaming about it, we could not be more in love with it and with its warm, welcoming, genuine people. We are grateful to be here!

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed us to this amazing community … and thank you again to the person who mailed our escape-artist Christmas card!

Sara Ensey

Bar Harbor

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