Golden for Congress

To the Editor:

I am supporting Jared Golden as the Democratic candidate for Congress in the June 12 primary.

Golden is a young, talented, dedicated public servant in the best sense of that term. He would be the kind of representative we so badly need in Washington.

A Lewiston area native, Golden started his service in earnest following the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. He was a new college student. Immediately following the Al-Qaeda attacks, he dropped out and enlisted in the Marines. He served four years, including tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His path back was not easy. Sometimes he held as many as three low wage jobs at once to make ends meet. He attended Bates College on the GI Bill. He chose to take his degree in history and public policy because he wanted to better understand what had just happened in the wars our government chose to send him to. Following his graduation, he was hired by Susan Collins to work on the staff of her Homeland Security Committee.

Back in Maine, Golden has twice been elected as a Democrat to the Maine House to represent our most ethnically diverse community: Lewiston. He is an unabashed advocate for all members of that community.

Golden is a strong advocate for workers and for the need to renew our commitment to ensuring that people who draw a wage are fairly compensated for their work. In a district that voted to approve an increase in the state minimum wage to $12, that will resonate with voters. The Maine AFL-CIO has endorsed him.

After two years, his peers in the Democratic caucus elected him to be their assistant majority leader. They were impressed by his leadership, including his abilities as a new legislator to enact legislation, even over LePage vetoes.

On a personal level, Golden says what he believes in a straightforward manner. More importantly, he listens to those who hold other opinions, while looking for ways to move issues forward in a progressive direction.

Golden is more than ready to challenge Bruce Poliquin.

For four years, Poliquin has posed as an empty suit in endless photo ops, while going to extraordinary lengths to hide from voters in person. He casts vote after vote that shows him to be little more than an advocate for the financial services industry.

Poliquin will have to answer to Golden for using veterans as photo props while voting against services for them.

Poliquin will have to answer for his behavior in Lewiston stirring up racial animus for divisive political advantage. He will find in Golden an experienced advocate for working together through government to help make all Maine residents’ paths towards economic security less steep and rocky.

Poliquin will have to explain his attempt to sabotage health care coverage for tens of thousands to 2nd Congressional District residents who voted to expand Medicaid coverage. And he will have to tell us why he pushes cuts and privatization of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

“Dark” campaign money from secret sources is corrupting our democracy. When Poliquin’s collaborators hide behind fake names to stuff our mailboxes and flood our airways, Golden is the only major candidate who could take the high ground. Sadly, his biggest primary campaign challenger has chosen to benefit from six-figure advertising expenditures by people whose identities are hidden. Golden has been endorsed by End Citizens United, a national coalition of Democrats fighting for electoral spending reform.

Golden can and will outwork Poliquin, and the voters of the 2nd Congressional District will once again have the opportunity to elect a true public servant.

I urge you to cast a vote in the June 12, Democratic Primary for Jared Golden.

Gail Marshall

Mount Desert

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