Going with the tide

To the Editor:

Constituents of Susan Collins in Hancock County are calling for her to join us for a public meeting.

It is time for the senator to hear firsthand from those in her home state about issues that are important to us: health care, the environment, education, human rights, protection of minorities, and social and economic justice, to name a few.

During the upcoming congressional recess, when she will be in Maine, it is imperative that she meet with us and listen, as well as share her positions on the issues.

The Republican administration currently is pushing an agenda of racism, xenophobia and authoritarianism. Any compliance with these anti-social qualities is unacceptable from our senator.

In the weeks, months and years ahead, Collins’ vote is likely to be crucial in preventing this agenda from moving forward. We require the senator to represent our views and be our voice in the Senate. Let’s ask her to follow our Maine motto: Dirigo, “I direct”). Let our voice become our senator’s voice and change the national tide.

We insist upon a public meeting in Ellsworth (or Bangor) so Collins will hear our voices, loud and clear, so that she will stand with us for what will keep our country safe and just.

Lu Osterlin

Indivisible Ellsworth


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