Go easy

Last week’s winter storm brought extremely difficult conditions for state and local road crews to address. Fast snowfall was followed by rain and sleet, and then the cold was so severe that brine on the roads was no match for the layer of ice that quickly formed.

Residents have a right to expect their town and state departments to do their best to keep the roads safe. But we also bear individual responsibility never to drive faster than conditions allow. Driving on a road with one set of wheels on bare pavement and one set on ice requires very close attention and caution.

By the same token, it’s appropriate to report conditions to officials who might not yet be aware of them. But it’s not helpful to call and complain long or repeatedly, taking time away from the public servants who could use the time better to address the problem.

One elected official posted on social media asking folks to “please stop slagging off” on the road crews. “Public works is out there doing the best job they can,” he wrote. “Yes, the roads are nasty. But the guys have been working pretty much nonstop since the storm. Please leave [them] alone.”

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