Fuzzy thinking

To the Editor:

The town of Bar Harbor Appeals Board just decided to allow a revamped (i.e. completely rebuilt) motel to call itself a “bed-and-breakfast” even though it will be new with 31 units.

With this decision, I propose that the following businesses should be allowed in town.

They include: McDundold’s Farm to Table, Jolly Green Peas (just possibly) Organic Farmstand, Amizonk Family Bookstore, Trumpette’s Fine ‘Merican Clothes (from Merida, China,) Princeless Small Boat Cruises (no more than 4,000 passengers and 29 crew,) Wall Bart (stuff no one wants made somewhere by prepubescent Bart Simpson impersonators.)

I’m sure these suggestions will help bring even more shoppers into Bar Harbor.

Phil Hicks

Mount Desert

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