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To the Editor:

It is disheartening knowing that people in wheelchairs cannot use playgrounds the same way that we can.

Pemetic Elementary School wants to make our playground accessible for all, but we need help.

There are many places children in wheelchairs cannot go, like hiking a mountain or exploring a rocky shore. A playground should not be one of those places.

Children in wheelchairs need a smooth surface to get to playground equipment they can use. Every child loves being active. They definitely do not like being stuck watching other kids have fun.

A playground that is accessible works for our whole community, too. Playgrounds are great for families to spend quality time together and to get to know other families. Our playground is in the center of town, so parents can shop nearby while kids can play on our playground. Having a rubber surface protects kids so their parents can feel more confident about their safety. Families from towns like Ellsworth and Bangor and those visiting Acadia can take advantage of our accessible playground, bringing business to restaurants and stores.

Our third grade visited six playgrounds. There are lots of different equipment on all the playgrounds, but none of it was easily accessible by wheelchairs. The closest playground that we know of that is accessible to all is three hours away in Falmouth.

The Pemetic playground is the most affordable playground in the area to make accessible because it’s the smallest. Making our playground accessible for all takes extra preparations. It requires gravel, then cement or tar, and finally a springy smooth rubber surface. It will definitely cost more, but it will be worth it!

Pemetic Elementary School wants to make our playground accessible for all, but we need help. Our playground is about 5,500 square feet. The rubber surface costs $14 per square feet. The approximate cost is $76,000. If you would like to help, please send your donation to:

Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

℅ Playground Fund

P.O. Box 698

Southwest Harbor, ME 04679

Please help us make a difference for all children. Thank you.

Cora Lester for Mrs. Sattler’s third-grade class

Southwest Harbor


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