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To the Editor:

There is great opportunity in the fact that Maine, with a median age of 43, is the oldest state. Nationwide, the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities helps participating communities become great places for all ages by adopting such features as safe, walkable streets; better housing and transportation options; access to key services; and opportunities for residents to participate in community activities. Here in Maine, we are dedicated to advancing well-designed, livable communities to promote health and sustain economic growth. Ultimately, we believe these efforts will result in happier, healthier residents of all ages.

In support of this work, AARP Maine just launched the Age-Friendly Maine Facebook page to support these initiatives. The page promotes events, shares information about age-friendly communities and economic development, and – most importantly – provides a platform for age-friendly communities to learn from each other, brag about successes, share photos and get ideas to overcome barriers.

From Eastport to Kennebunk, towns are getting involved. Mainers who “like” Age-Friendly Maine will see the latest resources we offer age-friendly communities and will get the latest updates about age-friendly events.

Municipalities throughout Maine – large and small – recognize that age-friendly communities are better places for all ages.

The question is where to start. Age-Friendly Maine features resources to help make your age-friendly work easier. Communities will share their low-cost and no-cost solutions for making changes so we’ll all have a chance to learn as we go.

Age-friendly initiatives can make a city or town a more attractive and welcoming environment for every resident. We hope you will consider Age-Friendly Maine a great place to begin to make connections with other communities, to share your ideas and to ask questions. We need your help to make the new page a community learning opportunity.

Let’s work together to enhance communities across Maine for residents of all ages.

Peter Morelli

AARP Maine


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