Friedmann for council

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, June 12, residents of Bar Harbor will have the opportunity to vote for two openings for the Town Council. We are fortunate to have three capable candidates. I would strongly urge you to cast one of your two votes for Gary Friedmann.

Friedmann has been a tireless, inventive and devoted member of the board and is presently vice chair. He is co-founder of A Climate to Thrive and was instrumental in the community solar project on the Public Works building.

He does his homework, understands the issues and is a strong proponent of civil discourse. Friedmann is always willing to listen, absorb and respond to other opinions. He is opposed to the berthing pier at the ferry terminal, and he has been working hard with others to come up with the best possible solution to the parking problem in town.

It is important to keep his knowledge, consensus making and positive energy working for our community. Please ensure good governance and cast a ballot for Gary Friedmann.

Philip L. Brooks

Bar Harbor

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