Firefighter thanks

To the Editor:

We are writing to thank the firefighters in the Mount Desert, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Tremont, Trenton and Ellsworth fire departments, as well as the Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service for coming to put out the fire that destroyed our cabin in Hall Quarry on April 17.

We are grateful that no one was hurt and no one else’s property was endangered, thanks to the vigilance of those departments and of our neighbors and friends, Diane Young and Sharon Musetti.

It is hard to face the loss of the cabin that has been in our family for so many years, a family that has been coming to spend summers in Hall Quarry for more than 100 years. We plan to rebuild. We so much appreciate the professionalism of those who have to respond so quickly to an emergency and who kept the fire from hurting others.

Paul Douglass, Ben Lomond, Calif.

John Douglass, Piedmont, Calif.

Susan Douglass Yates, Claremont, Calif.

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