Fighting cuts to SNAP

To the Editor:

Why does it seem like there is a growing sentiment for low-income individuals and families to justify their right to live without fear of going hungry? Access to healthy food is a human rights issue for everyone, across socioeconomic statuses. However, Bruce Poliquin and the House Republicans seem to disagree with me, considering their vote to cut and limit the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other safety net programs.

SNAP is a vital program to so many Americans, providing relief to more than 47 million low-income individuals and 23 million low-income families. People aren’t abusing the system; they are mothers who can’t afford to feed their children. They are people with disabilities who can’t work to sustain themselves. This program also supports children of low-income families, so they can go to school without worrying about if they’ll be able to eat that day.

Understanding the reasoning behind these cuts is important to grasping the priorities of Poliquin and the House Republicans. Not only did they create and vote for these cuts to justify giving billionaires more tax breaks, the drafting of the bill was done in secret without any discussion or input from any other party outside the circle of legislators who drafted it. To me, this is shameful and underhanded. I stand with the vulnerable families, seniors and people with disabilities who are affected by this, and I urge my elected officials to do the same.

Becca Haydu



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