Family farms

To the Editor:

As a farmer, small business owner in Hancock County and a “job creator,” I object to the tax bill Rep. Bruce Poliquin supported. Tax breaks for the super rich and multinational corporations are not what my business needs. We need affordable health care for our employees, not windfalls for multinational corporations like Monsanto and the Wall Street bankers who support them.

President Trump and his allies love to claim that eliminating the estate tax, a provision in this bill, will “save family farms.” As a farmer in Hancock County, in communication with a lot of farmers, I find this ludicrous. There are only 20 Mainers that pay estate tax in any given year. Nationally, the estate tax generates $280 billion dollars. That is a lot of money that could be used for health care coverage.

I’m very disappointed that Poliquin supported this awful bill. I hope Sen. Collins will keep her word to help Maine small business owners and vote “no.”

Glenon Friedmann

Bar Harbor Community Farm

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