To the Editor:

If the Electoral College was designed to keep slaves, women and non-English in their place, how is that working for you today?

Fortunately in the United States, slavery is outlawed, women have the vote, three women are Supreme Court justices, and in the not too distant future, the English Americans will just be a small subset of what makes this country great.

Oh, yes – most Americans can read now so you don’t have to take them by the hand and say, “vote this way.”

So let’s work on the fairness question. Should New York people be more valuable then Michigan or New Hampshire people? How about one vote has the same power no matter what state you live in? One person should equal one vote. If you get 50 percent of the votes, plus 1 of the total number of the people that voted, you win!

Even better, let’s have everybody vote on a weekend day so more people would be likely to show up. If you didn’t vote, maybe you would be billed a $10 fine. We want to hear your voice.

Gerrymandering of congressional districts is just plain weird and doesn’t seem to be in the fair category at all. How about each state keeps the same number of representatives and senators but have them elected by the entire state. Or, if you want to get more local, break districts up into equal-sized blocks of counties. In doing so, try to keep the county blocks as close to the shape of a square as possible.

Was this election fair and equal? Does it look fair if someone gets 51 percent of the popular vote but they lose to someone who gets 49 percent of the vote? What is fair about that? Was this vote rigged?

Eddie and Anne Damm

Hulls Cove

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