Eyes and ears

To the Editor:

“Fire and Fury” is going to be a hot headline for a while. There may be some, or even lots, of inaccuracies in this book, but what worries me (and I am deeply worried) is that by now I have seen enough. I’ve seen enough impulsive tweets, heard enough childishness and name-calling, discerned enough macho, in a strange mixture with insecurity.

We have words on tape that are impossible for fathers of daughters to ignore. Use your own eyes and ears. Do we even need a somewhat flawed new book to tell us what we already know?

In order to try and understand all sides, I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Howie Carr nearly every day. Democracy demands an understanding of all factions. We should not be hunkered down behind firmly understood lines. This country is threatened with, maybe not quite a second civil war, but an unnecessary divisiveness that could undo the principles of free and evenhanded governance. Perhaps it already has. Tune in to 103.9 FM and listen to Limbaugh. You must remain open-minded. A small portion of what is said makes sense, and a tiny portion makes great sense. It is this fact that makes rampant dissembling effective.

That admitted, I’ve heard enough and seen more than enough.

Use your own eyes and ears.

I fought for this country in military service. Doing that, one sees a bit of the world. This society is still among the very best, and it is incredibly worth saving. Also worth saving is the human species and the environment it requires and enjoys.

Listen to all sides and use your own eyes and ears. I believe the time has come to stand up and save what needs to be saved. As an officer in the U.S. Navy, I once swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The war I fought back then was no real threat to all we hold dear. The current situation is.

Trust your own eyes and ears. If you see any kings with no clothes, call him naked.

Art Paine


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