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To the Editor:

On behalf of Mount Desert 365, I’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the many individuals, organizations, businesses and the community in general for the wonderful event held last weekend celebrating and supporting local businesses, the Mount Desert Business Boot Camp.

From start to finish, we were grateful to have folks buy into the idea that business skill development is a key ingredient to fostering the thriving year-round community we all want, especially for small businesses built largely upon passion. With the Mount Desert Chamber of Commerce as our collaborator and Bar Harbor Bank & Trust as our sponsor, we welcomed 10 existing or emerging local businesses to this intensive weekend of number-crunching, value propositions and business pitching designed and led by COA sustainable business faculty member Jay Friedlander and his student-turned-colleague Jordan Motzkin.

To enhance the 38 hours of classroom experience crammed into a weekend, we had a dozen local or regional mentors with a great range of experiences on hand to provide fresh insights, new perspectives or to work individually with a business team. We extend our thanks to each of these mentors: Michael Boland, Earl Brechlin, John Burns, David Burr, Brenda Fernald, Steve Gurin, Carrie LeDuc, Nicole Ouellette, Cathy Planchart, Kendra Rand, Laura Sweeney and Kat Taylor. Thank you also to our three judges at the Pitch Competition: Curtis Simard, president of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, Martha Dudman, member of the Board of Selectmen in the town of Mount Desert, and Kevin Strange, president of MDI BioLab. Thanks also to the staff of the Northeast Harbor Library and The Neighborhood House for making their spaces available to us. Thanks to Alex Birdsall, Tom Reeve and Lisa Parsons for all their efforts at each step of the process.

Congratulations to all the business participants. We’ll be rooting for their ongoing success: Abel’s Lobster Pound, Beech Mountain Distilling Co., F.T. Brown Co., The Fork and Table, Floret, Middle Earth Mushrooms, Old Dog Baking Co., Sage Moon Apothecary, Swallowfield and the Tan Turtle Tavern.

“The information and resources … were so valuable, but it was the friendships and feeling of togetherness that really resonate with me,” one of the participants wrote. “I so look forward to working together with all of you to continue to foster growth in this community I love so much.”

Kathy Miller

Mount Desert 365


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