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To the Editor:

In his letter published in the May 5 Islander, former Tremont Selectman Dean Wass characterizes Tremont as a town governed by a nefarious “buddy system.” The opposite is true.

Those involved in Tremont’s governance may disagree, but with few exceptions, there is respect for one another, ordinances are followed, proceedings are transparent, compromises are made, and there is a pragmatic approach to issues that do not fit neatly into the ordinances.

The “Mooring mess” editorial in the May 5 Islander illustrates an example of the latter.

Wass cites seven examples to support his allegations, one of which is the aforementioned mooring problem for which the Harbor Committee presently seeks a pragmatic solution. Every issue is not black and white, and there are instances where those affected do not receive equitable treatment under existing statutes.

None of his examples are substantiated. All have unnamed conspirators. And, he claims, they are “only a few of the many examples.”

Each example involves harbor issues, and there is a theme that a conspiracy is afoot to make the harbor more available to non-lobstermen. Wass is a lobsterman. These efforts do not constitute a conspiracy. Rather, they are open and above board.

Wass’ actions as a selectman, driven by his conspiracy theories, were unpopular as evidenced by his unsuccessful bid for reelection in which he garnered 17 percent of the vote. His replacement, also a lobsterman, received 71 percent of the vote. Tremont voters are paying attention.

Hopefully, the new makeup of the Board of Selectman will put Tremont governance back on track to “represent all the people equally,” as Wass called for at the end of his letter.

Mike Ryan


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